Welcome to my new, personal Art Gallery!

I’m very glad you made it to this website ;)

I’m happy to present my new desgin, a lot of new artworks and a complete makeover of chrisannereilly.com.

Have lots of fun and feel free to give me some feedback through comments or my facebook page.

There will be lots of new stuff within the next days so make sure to come back :)


2 Responses to “Welcome to my new, personal Art Gallery!”

  1. Jacob sagt:

    AAAHH! It works :) and so beautifuly! Seeing the picture on here I cant wait to see you draw more! My two favorite pictures on here is Auntie Emma Comeback and Exotic Shower! and do you need fastbreaks for your fastbreaks?

  2. Chrisanne sagt:

    Thank you so much my dear :*
    Yeah sure I need some fastbreaks for my fast breaks :D~

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